Triple I

All applicants (Russian and European) are asked to study the Triple I webpage:

Faculties participating in Triple I:

Faculty of History

Faculty of Bioecology

Faculty of Geography and Geoecology

Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication

Faculty of Psychology and Social Work

Faculty of Services

Faculty of Philology and Journalism

Faculty of Physics and Technology

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Physical Training and Sports

Institute of Law

Institute of Modern Education Technologies

Limitations to mobilities: all grantees staying for more than 6 months are to arrive in the beginning of the winter semester (end of August - beginning of September). Grantees staying for 6 months can arrive in the beginning of winter or summer semester (end of August - beginning of September or end of January - beginning of February).

Additional requirements:

Undergraduates: basic knowledge of Russian (1-2 years of studies)

Courses available:

Academic calendar:

The academic year at IKBFU starts on 1 September and consists of 42 educational weeks and 10 weeks of holidays.

Winter term runs from 1 September to 24/25 January (including 3-5-week exams session at the end) followed by a two-week holiday.

Summer term runs from 8/9 February - 30 June (including 3-5-week exams session) followed by an eight-week summer holiday.


The students are excluded from tuition and administrative fees.


Triple I grantees may apply for the University dormitory. More information you can find here

Accommodation at the private sector: an average cost of a one bedroom appartment is 10 000 – 15 000 thousand rubles per month (excluding housing services).

Contact persons:

For staff members, post-doctorate and doctorate applicants: Dr. Anna Barsukova, Head of the International Office. Tel.: + 7 4012 59 55 77, e-mail:;

For undergraduate and master applicants: Violetta Yurkevich, Senior Specialist at the Department for International Programmes, International Office. Tel.: + 7 4012 59 55 77, e-mail: