Conference on TESOL to be held in Ankara

ISLPR Global Conference on TESOL to be held in Ankara, Turkey on 11 – 12 August 2014.

The Topic is ”Developing and Measuring Real Language".

We welcome papers which address one of the sub-themes:

  • Improving reading/writing
  • TESOL assessment and the feedback cycle
  • Teacher assessment and data management
  • Educational simulation and language games
  • Motivating EFL students
  • Multimedia and distance language pedagogy
  • Strategies for integrating the macro skills
  • Globalising TESOL and setting up a virtual learning environment
  • Networked resources and language pedagogy
  • Proficiency, Culture and Attitudes
  • Goals and their assessment
  • Critical Issues in Teaching and Testing Real Language
  • Developing and Measuring Real Language
  • Teaching and Testing Real Language
  • Needs Analysis
  • Program Evaluation Research: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Facilitating TESOL students' speaking opportunities
  • Tablet PC and Smart Phone-based language pedagogy
  • Using CLOUD technology
  • Developing intercultural literacy
  • Facilitating TESOL students' speaking opportunities
  • Deepening language learning through multimedia pedagogy
  • Improving listening and speaking
  • Culture and language pedagogy
  • Teachers: Teaching and Testing; Policy, Methods and Assessment Fostering 
  • Professional Self-Development

As an exciting and growing organisation worldwide we are happy to announce a conference on TESOL that will be forward thinking in its content and opportunities for learning and sharing ideas. We continue to try to make our conference the conference with a difference by trying to create a learning experience with continuity at an affordable cost. This means we keep to a reasonable size where people can engage in conversation in a professional earning community.

The registration for the ISLPR Global International Conference on TESOL has been started. For more information, registration, and abstract submission, please visit

Each presenter/participant will receive an internationally recognized certificate issued by ISLPR Global, Australia.