ECTS system / Transcripts of Records

In the Russian Federation there is the following grading scheme:

  • «отлично» (excellent); 
  • «хорошо» (good); 
  • «удовлетворительно» (satisfactory); 
  • «неудовлетворительно» (fail) or «зачтено» (passed), 
  • «не зачтено» (failed). 
When you finish your studies at IKBFU please address the Dean’s Office at your Faculty and take a List of courses and exams passed. Based on it the International Office will be able to issue a Transcript of records. 

Note that study load in Russia is estimated in academic hours. Transfer of academic hours into ECTS (credit units) is fulfilled according to the following scheme:

  1. One ECTS equals to 36 academic hours (1 academic hour is 45 astronomic minutes);
  2. Academic load for a discipline is estimated in credit units by dividing the academic load (in academic hours) into 36 rounding off to a whole number or to 0.5;
  3. One week of practice equals to 1.5 ECTS;
  4. One semester exam equals to 1 ECTS.