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    8 Февраля 2012
    Consul General of the UK in Saint Petersburg visits IKBFU

    On January 30, a meeting between the IKBFU’s rector, Andrei P. Klemeshev, and Consul General of the UK in Saint Petersburg, Gareth Ward, took place at IKBFU.

    On January 30, a meeting between the IKBFU’s rector, Andrei P. Klemeshev, and Consul General of the UK in Saint Petersburg, Gareth Ward, took place at IKBFU.

    Prof. Klemeshev told Consul General about IKBFU’s cooperation with the United Kingdom, which has been developing since the 1990s (in particular, in the framework of a TEMPUS project in 1993-1996). The then Kaliningrad State University took part in the project on English language teaching. The university’s partner was Nene College, where students and teachers underwent advanced training.

    Bilateral partner relations with the University of West of England (Bristol) were established in the framework of a dual degree programme.

    In 2008, the Immanuel Kant State University of Russia held an international workshop dedicated to the issues of quality and qualification in translation and interpreting with the participation of specialists from the United Kingdom.

    Eminent British experts have paid visits to IKBFU. On April 20, 2011, the IKBFU’s EU Centre organised a lecture by a famous political scientist Malcolm Chalmers – a professor of the Royal United Services Institute, and an expert in the field of defence policy of the UK, armament control, and conflict prevention.

    On November 21, 2001, head of the research group of the Faculty of Engineering and Mechanics of University of London, a member of the British Institute of Physics, G.G. Vilenski, gave a lecture entitled “Ultrasound distribution in biological media. Modelling of ultrasound impact on biological objects” at IKBFU.

    IKBFU participates in a TEMPUS programme entitled Development of competence and practical skills in assessing language proficiency of English language teachers. In the framework of the programme, IKBFU cooperates with two British Universities:

    • University of Bedfordshire – grant holder,
    • Southampton University.

    The main objective of the project is to increase the level of professional competence of English language teachers in the field of language testing and language proficiency assessment. It will both improve teachers' qualification and increase the international competitiveness and mobility of Russian students.

    IKBFU’s cooperation with British universities and research institutes is expected to develop in 2012, including that in the framework of Baltic Education Forum.

    Dr. A.Yu. Goikhman, director of the Functional Nanomaterials research and education centre of the IKBFU’s Science Park emphasised that the components for the thin film research complex developed at the university were being bought in the UK and invited Mr Ward to the formal signing of contract with the supplier of unique equipment.

    Mr Gareth Ward spoke of opportunities for assistance for Russian-British cooperation in the field of education and science and promised to support IKBFU’s initiatives aimed at new partnerships between Russian and British universities.