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    10 Мая 2017
    FABRIKA science and technology park hosts a round table on robotics
    The FABRIKA science and technology park hosted a roundtable titled "Intellectual systems in Russia: Prospects and applications"

    The FABRIKA Science and Technology Park has hosted a round table ‘Intellectual systems in Russia: Prospects and Applications’. The round table brought together experts in different fields to discuss possibilities and prospects of the development of robotics.

    Sergey Inozemtsev, Deputy Head of the HR Department of the SP Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation ENRGIA, spoke on the use of robots in space exploration, "Only in sci-fi books, people feel comfortable in space. In reality, space is an extremely hostile environment for humans. Radiation and weightlessness adversely affect the human body. So, robots are the future of the industry".

    S.Inozemtsev stressed that keeping up with the new space race requires educational programmes popularising space careers, including those in space robotics.

    На занятиях по робототехнике (НТП "Фабрика")
    На занятиях по робототехнике (НТП "Фабрика")

    The roundtable discussed problems of national education. In particular, Prof Petr Kubrushko form Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy stressed the need to revise the educational paradigm and to put basic knowledge at the heart of education.

    Albert Efimov, Head of the Skolkovo Robotics Centre, emphasised that breakthroughs in science and technology would be impossible without encouraging school and university students to select an academic path. "Motivation is key", he said.

    Dr Andrei Lyamin from the Moscow Aviation Institute stressed that contests using smart devices can help to get children interested in robotics.

    The popular TV presented Andrei Bakhmetyev, who also chairs the board of the youth robotics contest, believes that training in robotics must be based on real-life experience.

    "When I develop new designs I think of what is impossible to teach but can still be learnt. People learn when they are interested in what they learn. To be interested in something, you have to understand it".
    Another focus of the roundtable was robotic applications in medicine.
    Dr Taras Nechay from the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU):
    "The future of surgery lies with robots. Even the best human specialist cannot compete with a smart machine when it comes to the precision of movements. Of course, robot surgeons are as yet far from perfection. They make mistakes. However, intelligent systems are developing rapidly. There is no alternative to them". 

    Круглый стол по робототехнике