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  • 24 Августа 2016
    Grants Up to 250,000 RUR to Be Given Out to the IKBFU Students: Apply Now
    IKBFU proudly announces the start of applications for 5 top 100 grants for undergraduate and graduate students.

    IKBFU proudly announces the start of applications for 5 top 100 grants for undergraduate and graduate students.

    The main aim of the grants is to enable talented youth to improve their learning and research skills this fall (starting - 15 September 2016).

    Full-time bachelor (third and fourth years), master and post-graduate students whose interests lie in the areas supported by the 5 top 100 project can apply for the grants. Maximum amount of funding is 143 000 roubles (before tax) for bachelor and master students, and 250 000 rubles (before tax) for post-graduatestudents.

    The program can finance:

    • a study or research visit to a university featured in the Top-400 QS Ranking or a leading research centre

    • a research or a research and developmentproject within the framework of the  5 top 100 priorities

    Required documents:

    • project application with a detalization of results and benefits for the applicant, signed by the applicant

    • Budget

    • CV (Europass)

    • Recommendation letter of the scientific supervisor or the lead scientist of the Institute

    • Academic transcript (for bachelor and master students)

    • Copy of a higher educationcertificate with supplement (forpost-graduate students)

    Successful applicants are expected to submit a report at the end of the granting period.

    All documents should be submitted in Englishand Russian as a single pdf file. The applicationshould be received by the project office no laterthan September 5, 2016. Please, use thefollowing email to send your application: 5top100@kantiana.ru. A hard copy of the application signed by the applicant should be submitted to the project office at the same time (Office 119, Building 2). 

    All applications will be considered beforeSeptember 15 by a committee of expertsincluding IKBFU administration and leadingscientists and scholars working at the IKBFU within the 5 top 100 initiative. 

    5 top 100 priority areas: 

    • physics (magnetism, nanomaterials, X-rayoptics, biophysics, mathematical physics)

    • chemistry and biology (molecular and cellbiology, biomedicine, biotechnology, neurobiology and neurophysiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemicalengineering, environmental studies andsustainable development)

    • social sciences and the humanities(philosophy, Russian as a foreign language, history, translation and translation studies, international law, new media studies, audiovisual translation, new technology in social sciences and the humanities)