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  • 28 Июля 2017
    Herman Gref gives a lecture in the IKBFU
    President and chairman of the board of PJSC Sberbank Herman Gref visited the Immanuel Kant University on July 21, 2017

    President and chairman of the board of PJSC Sberbank Herman Gref visited the Immanuel Kant University on July 21, 2017. His visit was organised by the Kaliningrad branch of Sberbank, the Government of the Kaliningrad region and the University. Speaking before the audience in the University Auditorium Maximum, Herman Gref described new technological trends, the future of business in general and banking in particular, the prospects of artificial intelligence and a new digital reality.
    Before the lecture, Andrey Klemeshev, rector of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University welcomed all participants of the meeting.

    Andrey Klemeshev:

    It is an honour for our University to host this event. Herman Gref is certainly one of the most famous managers in our country and in the world. He is a leading theoretician of business, a man who has influenced the development of our city. It was he who in 2005 headed the committee for the preparation for the 750th anniversary of Kaliningrad.
    Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, noted that "Sberbank" starts a large project aimed at the training of small and medium-sized businesses in the Kaliningrad region. Herman Gref confirmed this information, adding that currently there are about a dozen joint projects with the Kaliningrad region in general and the university in particular.


    Herman Gref:
    In addition to Google, which gave us a good opportunity to work with big data, there is Yandex, a Russian company, which created a highly competitive system for information processing. We are proud that Russia has a company capable of working with a large body of information. There are several centres in the world today that have such technologies - North America, China and Russia. "
    Another breakthrough is cloud technology, which allows users to avoid downloading an incredibly large amount of information to hard drives; users can store the data in the cloud, which makes it possible to instantly process the information. At the same time, the amount of data is constantly growing. Gradually, there will be less and less interest in you as a real person, and the value of your digital self, on the contrary, will be steadily increasing. Your digital self will say a lot about you. It is important to understand that we will be absolutely transparent in the new digital world. Almost nothing can be hidden. Not everyone is ready to accept this reality, but this is a key trend for the coming years. Computers have already learned to understand human speech; now they are mastering sign language. Some time ago, I visited a Google lab, teaching robots how to read our gestures and facial expressions. Imagine, you enter your house and you can control all household devices uttering a word, without touching any sensor. Computers will be able to read your hand movements, finger movements, facial expressions and so on.
    Obviously, the new digital reality causes the emergence of fundamentally new business models. The experience of many companies, for example, Uber, specialising in the transportation of passengers while not owning a a single car, or Facebook, which occupies one of the leading positions in the media market without producing its own media content, indicates that a new type of economy is emerging in the world today. This is an ecosystem economy. Goods and services are produced to meet the needs of clients. The main service provider of the ecosystem is a platform company that possesses cutting-edge technologies, and competences to analyse the needs of the client. It is vitally important that the company's platform is in the cloud. This will allow the company to instantly process information, and, therefore, have a serious competitive advantage.