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  • 28 Августа 2017
    IKBFU Welcomes International Guests
    IKBFU has hosted several international schools and conferences this August

    IKBFU has hosted several international schools and conferences this August.

    The II International Baltic Conference on Magnetism 2017: focus on functionalised magnetic structures for energy and biomedicine brought together 130 scientists and experts from Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the UK, the USA, South Korea, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland the Netherlands, Austria, India and Tunisia. The conference was organised by the laboratory of novel magnetic materials of the IKBFU science park “FABRIKA” and “FunMagMa” Interdisciplinary Research Centre. The conference was prepared in collaboration with 5TOP100 programme and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.


    20 teachers and 60 students from 12 countries participated in the V International Summer School “Future Lawyers: Essential Skills for Success”. They represented 30 universities including top higher education institutions from Russia. Professors from leading world universities and law experts from international companies gave lectures to the participants. There was also a special training of trainers workshop,“Best practices for interactive teaching and assessing group work”, run by professors from Indiana University, Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University. 


    The First International Summer School “What should I do? The Ethics of Immanuel Kant and its Actuality” has been organised by Academia Kantiana (IKBFU) and gathered undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral students from several universities representing six regions of the Russian Federation, Belorussia and Germany. Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Stolzenberg, a world-renowned expert on Kant’s philosophy and the supervisor of the Summer School, delivered gave lectures and moderated workshops on the interpretation of Kant’s texts. Participants of the Summer School made presentations of their own research projects.