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    27 Мая 2016
    International student research conference of the School of Translation and Interpreting
    On 23 May 2016, the IKBFU organized an annual Student Research Conference of the School of Translation and Interpreting.

    On 23 May 2016, the IKBFU organized an annual Student Research Conference of the School of Translation and Interpreting.

    It is an important student-led event that has paved the way for young IKBFU researchers, future translators and interpreters, to hone their presentation skills, receive peer feedback and share ideas with their colleagues. In recent years, the conference has attracted many participants from Kaliningrad and beyond.

    This year, research themes ranged from characteristics of sign language to translation problems of obscene language in localization of computer games.

    It was the first time that the student research conference had attracted international participants. Master students majoring in conference interpreting did simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of all presentations.

    In his welcome speech Dr. Yves Gambier, Professor Emeritus of the University of Turku (Finland) spoke about the importance of research for the success of any university. Gunnel Bergstorm, a specialist on audio-visual translation (Stockholm, Sweden) and Christine Goering, a DAAD lecturer (Germany) made their presentations during the plenary session.

    Ekaterina Kuzmina, a 4th year student:

    I have attended student research conferences for two years, but only sitting in the audience. This year I decided to speak and present the results of my research. I must say, it was an extremely positive experience. It was equally interesting for me to speak and to listen to other participants. Poster presentations attracted a lot of attention too. Such diversity of approaches and amazing design of the stands! Simultaneous interpretation was privided during the whole conference programme. My fellow students did a good job.  I was very impressed"

    Elizaveta Shevchenko, Head of the School of Translation and Interpreting:

    My colleagues and I are pleased to note that the level of student research has been growing. Young scientists bravely choose a wide variety of themes in the theoretical and applied fields of translation. All research papers are based on the students’ own translation experience gained during their internship. Students take their education and research very seriously and feel responsible for the results.