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    23 Июня 2017
    Professor of the Institute of the Theory and Methodology of Teaching holds a seminar on teaching English as a foreign language
    A seminar  "Teaching English" was held at the Institute of the Humanities by TMTI Professor  Christopher Hastings for the linguistics major students

    A seminar "Teaching English" was held at the Institute of the Humanities by TMTI Professor Christopher Hastings for the linguistics major students. Professor Hastings spoke about how to diversify the lessons of a foreign language, demonstrated mnemotechnical techniques in teaching English idioms and told how it is important to be creative in communicating in a foreign language.
    The students appreciated such an opportunity to learn from an American teaching expert and develop some new professional skills. They commented on a very cozy and yet motivating atmosphere as well as thorough approach to one of the most challenging language issues.

    Alisa Dorofeeva, a second year linguistics student:

    "The meeting with the American professor was held in an interesting and informative form of a dialogue. Metaphors are an important part of the language, which often causes learning difficulties, and the professor offered us simple and effective methods of teaching and explaining metaphors "