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    30 Мая 2017
    The Academia Kantiana of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University invites to apply for the First International Summer School “What should I do? The Ethics of Immanuel Kant and its Actuality”
    he Supervisor of the School is the world-famous specialist in Kant’s philosophy Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Stolzenberg (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany). The participants will be provided with academic tutors from Russia and Germany.

    This is a unique possibility for the participants to get acquainted with classical European tradition of reading philosophical texts as well as to learn a lot of new about the peculiarities of implementation of Kant’s arguments in contemporary ethics.

    In addition the participants will have the possibility to present and discuss their projects with well-known professors and highly skilled researchers.

    The supervisor of the Summer School is the world-famous specialist in Kant’s philosophy Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Stolzenberg (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany). The participants will be provided by academic tutors from Russia and Germany Dr. Sergey Lugovoy (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University) and Stefan Röttig, MA (Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg).

    Dates of the School:

    The Summer School will be held from the 20th till the 30th of August in Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad region).

    Who can apply?

    Undergraduate Bachelor, Master and doctoral students as well as postdocs (defended 2016 – 2017) interested in Kant’s philosophy, philosophy of Enlightenment, German classical philosophy, its actuality or its reception by the philosophical traditions of Russia or in the West are welcome to participate.

    The basic specialisation of the candidates is not the priority.

    A sufficient command of the English language is mandatory.

    How to apply?

    Fill in the Application form

    • Send a motivational letter (350 – 400 words)

    • Send an abstract of your project on any topic mentioned above (in English, 1000 – 1200 words) with references

    • Send the scan of an English language certificate (not mandatory)

    The application should be sent to the e-mailacademia@kantiana.ru

    Travel and Accommodation:

    The travel and accommodation expenses of the participants will be covered by organisers of the Academia Kantiana.