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    27 Июня 2016
    The Strategic Initiative "Functional Magnetic Materials for Biomedical and Energy Relevant Applications"
    At the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University offers: 10 - 15 PhD student positions (based on the availability of funds) (Monthly scholarship: up to 35.000 roubles depending on level experience)

    At the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University offers: 10 - 15 PhD student positions (based on the availability of funds) (Monthly scholarship: up to 35.000 roubles depending on level experience)

    Start: August 1, 2016

    The Strategic Initiative "Functional Magnetic Materials for biomedical and energy relevant applications" is a new, coordinated research initiative which includes a PhD program at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and partner universities

    The research is devoted to the theoretical and experimental understanding of functionalized magnetic nanomaterials - ranging from nano-hybrids for biomedical technology to Heusler and MAX phase type of thin film systems for energy applications. Analytical methods - including synchrotron based characterization tools -, as well as numerical simulations and thin film/nanoparticles synthesis techniques will play a dominant role. The PhD program will offer a large variety of scientific activities including specialized courses, workshops, guest lectures by visiting scientists, conferences and more. Funds for traveling to international conferences and for visits to foreign universities are provided for PhD students.

    Application deadline: July 15, 2016.

    Initial contracts will be issued for 6 months with a possible extension of 30 months based on available funding. Application requirements:

    The Research Initiative (for details see http://eng.kantiana.ru/5-100/unit/ ) will include a structured academic programme for international graduates of physics, materials sciences and related disci­plines who distinguish themselves through their academic profile. The applicants are expected to send a one page interdisciplinary research proposal. The proposal must give reason to expect excellent research results. The application requires an above-average degree which formally entitles candidates to embark on a doctorate. The following documents (all in English) should be send by email as PDF.

    • a copy of your university degree (certified translation into English)

    • a curriculum vitae with specific information about your scientific career

    • a one page letter of motivation which documents your personal eligibility and gives proof of how candidates want to contribute to the Strategic Initiative

    • names and affiliation (phone , email) of at least two university teachers for obtaining a reference;

    • candidates from all universities must give proof of their advanced language skills in English.

    Contact: Prof. Dr. Michael Farle (send application to, KPrasolova@kantiana.ru , ref: FunMagMa-PhD cand)