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    19 Мая 2017
    TRACE 2017 research conference takes place at IKBFU
    On May 17, IKBFU welcomed the participants in a unique four-day research conference – TRACE 2017 – Tree Rings for Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology

    On May 17, IKBFU welcomed the participants in a unique four-day research conference – TRACE 2017 – Tree Rings for Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology. The conference was organised by the IKBFU and the Siberian Federal University in collaboration with an international partner – the Association for Tree-Ring Research. Such an academic event was held in Kaliningrad for the very first time.
    The conference brought together 200 world's leading experts in dendrochronology. The conference discussed problems of archaeology, climatology, geomorphology, glaciology, history of fire, forest dynamics, ecology, hydrology, and plant physiology or tree rings and anatomy studies.
    Traditionally, TRACE conferences aim to support networking and scientific exchanges among students and researchers specialising in dendrochronology. Researchers from Russia, Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, and Belarus took part in workshops and master classes focusing on new research methods in dendrochronology.


    Dr Ute Sass-Klaassen, President of TRACE:

    We are opening our annual meeting and conference today. This time, it takes place in a beautiful area of Russia – the Kaliningrad region. Thank you for hosting us. It gives me special pleasure to be here. I visited the city in 1992, when the collaboration with most of our colleagues here had just begun. I was a PhD student at the time. That conference laid the foundations for our research partnership. Support for early-career researcher remains one of our top priorities. Each conference is a great opportunity for master’s degree and PhD students to deepen their knowledge and establish new contacts. Another priority is encouraging and developing research and networking. We appreciate any feedback. It is important to know what our participants – especially younger ones – would like to see next time. You are welcome to enjoy and improve our conference.

    Prof Evgeny Vaganov, Rector of Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk:

    "Annual ring studies are a vast, topical, and exciting area of research. Lying at the interface of history, biology, ecology, and climatology, it has considerable interdisciplinary potential. The Siberian Federal University boasts established research teams working in the area, well-equipped laboratories, and relevant master’s degree and PhD programmes. It is one of our top priorities. The IKBFU has cutting-edge ecology equipment, for instance, monitoring devices. I believe that our universities can make a significant joint contribution to this area of research".

    Евгений Ваганов