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    18 Мая 2017
    Visit IKBFU’s ‘Startup Day 2017’ conference for IT and Internet entrepreneurs
    On June 3, 2017, IKBFU will hold the ‘Startup Day 2017’ conference for IT and Internet  entrepreneurs

    On June 3, 2017, IKBFU will hold the ‘Startup Day 2017’ conference for IT and Internet entrepreneurs. The event will bring together more than 200 participants - start-uppers, investors, business angels, and experts from leading Internet companies and industry organisations.

     What is KLGD Startup Day?
    - Case stories and best practices from market leaders – speakers from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, Boft, MMOGUARD, the Remarka group, and other companies and organisations have confirmed their participation in the conference;
    - workshops from practitioners;
    - expert sessions and one-to-one consultations;
    - an opportunity to present your startup and make your project noticed;
    - communication and networking.

    What is the focus of KLGD Startup Day?
    - Research project commercialisation;
    - promoting projects in the national online games market;
    - digital marketing and effective tools;
    - project scalability and access to foreign markets
    - intellectual property and early-stage project protection

    Why KLGD Startup Day?
    - Do you have a startup? Tell us about your project from the main stage, get feedback from investors and successful entrepreneurs at the expert session, and benefit from lifehacks form market leaders.
    - Are you a successful IT entrepreneur? Check out new projects and share your success story.
    - Don’t have a startup yet? Study market trends and get inspired to start your own business

    How to apply?
    Fill in the online registration form.

    When and where?
    June 3, 11:00
    14 Nevskogo ul., Kaliningrad

    The Russian Venture Investment Fund focuses on early-stage investments in technology companies, provides consulting and educational support, and contributes to developing a legal framework for Internet businesses and the venture industry. The mission of the Fund is to make the Russian market understandable and accessible to every entrepreneur willing to start or expand an Internet business.